About the company

  • Your aromatics plant is showing limited performance and/or unstable operations behaviour? 
  • Your target is  to increase recoveries of your products benzene and/or toluene? 
  • You are looking for a more stable operation, better understanding of the basic principles of extractive distillation? You need support for solvent quality monitoring or analytical issues?

Many aromatics extractive distillation units regardless of solvent used or feedstock are difficult to operate and are run with limited recoveries and high aromatics content in the raffinate stream. This is partly ‘natural’ as the properties of the chemical component system, consisting of solvent, aromatics and non-aromatics is difficult to be described due the azeotropic behaviour of several components. In addition, the high liquid volumes of the system and therefore long reaction times of the resulting parameters make trouble-shooting difficult.

Our approach:


  • Analyse the basic plant operation with feedstock, product and solvent situation 
  • Determine the necessary production targets 
  • Collect and analyse historical data in order to create a model 
  • Use this model for different optimisation projectsDefine revamp projects for the future

Basic concept of AroConsult:


  • Basic Analysis of the main operating parameters and obvious problems of the operation of the ED unit with reporting and recommendations
  • Detailed analysis of operational data over a longer period using modern ‘big data’ tools (in cooperation with our partner)
  • Creation of a model, a so-called ‘digital twin’ of the unit, representing the analysed data Based on this model, projects for improving several performance parameters, changed main process controls or fine-tuning of existing ones can be set up.
  • Future operational cases with different feedstocks and or alternate operational targets can be simulated. 
  • Training of operation staff with the model is also possible.


Service Agreement with regular plant visits

-       Production status with feedstock analysis and product quality discussion
-       Energy input/recovery from solvent
-       Actual operational problems (reported by operators)
-       Production targets for future
-       Special problems during s/u and s/d
-       Solvent quality monitoring and regeneration
-       Laboratory issues

-       Visit report with recommendation of further actions

New method of plant improvement using ´Big Data´ tools

-       Production data analysis
-       ‘human’ information (through operators)
-       Laboratory information and issues
-       Creation of a model/‘digital twin’
-       Performance projects using this model

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Who we are

AroConsult is basically me, Thomas Diehl, born in Kassel, Germany. I studied chemical engineering/fuel processing at RWTH Aachen and started my career 1991 at LURGI AG, Frankfurt, which is today AirLiquide. During my 10 years there I was responsible for the LURGI proprietary aromatics technologies DISTAPEX and AROSOLVAN for more than 5 years. After that time I worked for 3 years at TECHNIP France in the Ethylene technology department. In 2004, I changed to UHDE GmbH (which is today thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution) and was responsible for the aromatics technology MORPHYLANE there for 15 years. My responsibilities covered project execution, services incl. start-up and new developments of the technology, together with supporting marketing and sales activities. In total I have more than 27 years of international experience in the petrochemical and refining industry with technology and engineering companies in Germany and France.

Our services are offered in combination with partners for data analysis and laboratory services, who I have worked with during my time as employee. Several freelance colleagues, I also know from cooperation before, are supporting me for plant visits and trouble-shooting.



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